Maintenance Phase

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The maintenance is the final phase of this model and this maintenance is a continuous process. Feedback is collected from users and required changes are made in the form of bug fixes or improvements. Appropriate security patches, performances improvements, additional functionality, new user interfaces should be provided at regular intervals in the form of updates to the application. The maintenance phase also includes the marketing of the application: advertising and highlighting its unique features. If any application requires a backend server: this server and related operating system must be maintained as well.


An industry-oriented application was developed using MADLC model. This application includes use of GPS locating service, telephony services like sending SMS, configuring device profile. The development of this application development provided a test case for the proposed MADLC. All the functional requirements of the application were divided into various modules and delivered in a prototype fashion to the organization at various intervals. The outcome of the development process is that this model helped the developers to plan and execute the application involving various features in a more effective manner.