Identification Phase

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In the first phase, ideas are collected and categorized. The main objective of this phase is to come out with a new idea or improvements to the existing application. The ideas can come from the customer or from the developers. If the customer himself comes out with the idea, the idea is further detailed and analysed. Developers can brainstorm to generate ideas for new applications. The filtered list of ideas is discussed by the mobile application idea team comprising of the business and IT representatives for the feasibility to launch a project around the idea.

The existing applications on any of the standards platforms are searched to establish the novelty of the idea. If a similar application exists in the market, the popularity of the application and the features supported are studied and compared. The differences with the existing application(s) are documented. If no similar application exists on any mobile platform, then the idea with its core functionality should be documented. The other important task in this phase is to define the time required to develop the application. The initial requirement gathering should also be completed. The work done by the mobile application idea team should then be documented and forwarded to the design team.